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Hey guys,

So I've got for sale a brand new custom single 12" Sealed subwoofer enclosure. I had two of these boxes specifically designed for my 08 TSX w/Nav. The sealed enclosure was designed to specifically fit either the Alpine Type R SWR12D4 or JL 12W3V3. Most, if not all 12" subs can fit in this enclosure and perform just as well!

This box can fit any other vehicle, however the dimensions and design were formed around the TSX.

Reason for sale is the other box was for a friend, but due to unforeseen circumstances he is no longer able to commit to taking the box. Since its specifically designed for the TSX, and was a custom build I was unable to return the second box and as such its up for sale!

The box dimensions are 28'in long, 9'in deep, and 15'in height. The top mount depth supported for any woofer for this specific box is 7.25. (Top mount depth is simply dropping the subwoofer in back end first into the box -- normal setups). The sealed box volume is 1.265 cubic feet. This setup will get you the cleanest bass response while taking up minimal space.

I had the box designed to specifically fill the back-end space of the trunk. It sits, or rather is designed to, up against the rear seats and follows the trunk lines and the seats narrow design. Sits very flush in the back of the trunk, and pretty much locks into place without any reinforcement. For those of you with navi, it sits right behind the cage of the OEM DVD-Based drive, and actually gets stuck behind it (beneficial so it doesn't fall face down despite being locked in place)

The sealed box was designed with high density fiberboard, custom color matched carpet (pretty close, if not identical to the TSX oem carpet in the trunk), and gold plated high output/input terminals on rear.

Asking price is $225 obo.

I am located at the border of Pickering/Scarborough. Can meet up within the GTA for any serious buyers. Shipping is available solely at the expense of the buyer.

Let me know if you can all see these pics.

Thanks in advance!!

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