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Hi! I'm Jon Ivan. I live in Biloxi Mississippi.
I just bought a 2007 for the drivetrain for a project car. There are a lot of other things wrong with the car but the drivetrain is pretty solid other than needs new shocks. (Which I already ordered)
I used to be a tech for Nissan/Infiniti so this is my first Honda based project car.
I have a high degree of understanding on engines and especially electronics/electrical but again, non on Honda. I really need to learn the car from top to bottom especially the electronics/electrical.
I have a buddy that has a fantastic system in his shop that I will be using and plan on posting information here if it is needed.
I also plan on learning from this group. Thanks for being fans if a fantastic platform. I can't wait to get my project done and show what I am capable of.
Best wishes to all...
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