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New Audio for me!

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So I went and bought a set of K Powers today @ Boyz Audio.
Man they are nice speakers. I've waiting for months to buy it..
which I worked my ass off to get it, and I finally have it ;)

What sucks is that I found better deals on ebay for UTOPIA Series..

My price from Boyz Audio - 938.00 after taxes for K Power
Ebay Price - 599 + SH + Duty for UTOPIA...

So tell me.. Should I go and refund the K Power and go for Utopia? ;)
I think it will cost the same in the end.. :p
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cheori said:
huh did I miss something?
I didn't get that unlimited stuff :p
I must be dumb.. ha
unlimited.. i bet they are talking about 無限
NeoChaser said:
여보세요, Annyeonghaseyo ? haha
no it's just, i had no clue to base my guess on
except ur location

heck i thought Kanon was east indian too MUAHAHH
sure that he is horny like one. MUHAHAHHAHA
How about post some pics of ur car? I would like to see how it looks.
Hope you catch u on the road :)
Bender Unit said:
Everyone love STOCK.
Mind is stock, too.
STOCK is :thumbsup:

228 said:
so what did u get from AJ? :shiner:
where is the pic of ur new toy??? what is ur final decision?
228 said:
later next week...didn't install yet...i will install it next week :rolleyes:
lol come on, it has already been more than a week since u got it.
228 said:
okok i will install it this week....for sure :wizard:
hope it doesn't snow. ha ha h!
1 - 8 of 39 Posts
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