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New Audio for me!

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So I went and bought a set of K Powers today @ Boyz Audio.
Man they are nice speakers. I've waiting for months to buy it..
which I worked my ass off to get it, and I finally have it ;)

What sucks is that I found better deals on ebay for UTOPIA Series..

My price from Boyz Audio - 938.00 after taxes for K Power
Ebay Price - 599 + SH + Duty for UTOPIA...

So tell me.. Should I go and refund the K Power and go for Utopia? ;)
I think it will cost the same in the end.. :p
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a grand for speakers wow
must be some good stuff.
micko said:
have fun with the T1R
i just installed a thing dat costed me almost a grand too...
but not audio stuff...

ur "unlimited"? heheh
cheori said:
I just found out the meaning of the chinese characters. lol
I better start to learn chinese. :p hehe

so u are not east indian?
cheori said:
hahaha I see.
My car was complete stock at the moment ;)
Well, not that it changed or anything. lol
But yup it's all good. :)

여보세요, Annyeonghaseyo ? haha
no it's just, i had no clue to base my guess on
except ur location

heck i thought Kanon was east indian too MUAHAHH
1 - 4 of 39 Posts
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