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Hey all- new to this sort of thing but I would love your help!

I recently got a 2008 TSX (4 dr, V6, 5 spd automatic with navigation) used after I wrecked my previous car. When I got it I was under the impression that a majority of the issues (listed below) would be fixed after some bodywork and work, but the dealership would not fix them because they didn't affect the drive in any detrimental way. If I could get any help it would be greatly appreciated:

TMPS errors:
When I turned it on in the dealership, the TPMS notification immediately appeared in the center display. I had not known what that was initially, but figured it out when I saw the tire pressure indicator under the display. The dealership said there was nothing wrong with the tires, so I went with it. They filled up all the tires with nitrogen (as that is what they arrived with from the previous owner). After taking it home, I researched the way to locate the numerical readings of pressure and it reads nothing for all 4 tires. To the best of my knowledge, no pressure indicators were replaced, changed, or are a third-party model. It is winter as of now, but it's not sub-freezing temperatures (thanks Georgia) so it shouldn't affect anything in any major way. How can I go along fixing that issue?

HandsFreeLink/HomeLink/map lights/convenience lights/etc.
Also during my initial sit-down at the dealership I noticed the map/dome lights did not turn on when the front doors opened (this was a previous issue with my previous car, did not pay attention to it. I also pushed the HomeLink buttons (to make it at least lit up) and nothing happened. The HandsFreeLink also didn't respond to me and I ignored that as well. When I returned to the dealership to get some minor bodywork fixed, I mentioned that the HandsFreeLink/HomeLink/dome lights/etc were not working, suggesting a fuse could have been the problem (along with the TMPS) and they said they would look at it. When I returned, they said it was not a fuse and they couldn't find the root cause. After taking it back home, I removed the cover where it would be (in between the dome lights on the ceiling) and nothing was there... like it was ripped out prior to being sold to the dealership or something of the like. I've researched parts to replace it, but I can't find anything definitive to purchase to replace it. I would love to have the HandsFreeLink for my phone so I can jump in the car and go without having to plug in my phone for music, chose a song, and then run when I could just use Hey Siri and also for the voice control for the car's individual functions (temperature, audio, etc.). Has anybody found a reliable reseller (or the proper part name so I can search it correctly) that could locate the part, and, would actually replacing it be worthwhile?

After getting it back from the dealership the time after the bodywork I started to drive it off and it immediately felt wobbly, like a tire was ever-so-slightly lopsided. When I go 30 mph+ it tends to go away, but anything under it's terribly noticeable. I'm in stop and go traffic all the time so it doesn't help and it feels like I'm riding a horse the entire way. Like I mentioned above, they were filled to capacity at the dealership with nitrogen. Does that sound like a tire issue or something deeper?

Random broken parts
Some various parts are broken, like the glove compartment handle won't pull the release cord and the center console second tab (it holds on to the shelf with the coin holder and immediately opens up the larger hole beneath) is broken off. I've found the parts, but is it worth the time to fix it? The glove compartment I would probably go for but what about other smaller parts?

I got a model with black interior and there are small perforations in the seats. The car was generally dirty when we got it (it was on sale for less than a day) and I really want it nice and clean. Does anybody else with black leather have good tips for keeping it clean?

I know it's a lot to ask but I'd just like to use the car to it's full potential and what I got it for, not just a part of it. Thanks for all your help!
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