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Hey guys, first time Acura owner, long time driver :laugh:
little about myself, always be apart of the car scene. I have owned a bunch of cars, best one was 04 subaru STI
it made 550whp when I was done modding it :) that was a fun ride. Now Im into the slow(er) and lower style.

I work with Stance:Nation - Form > Function so if anyone has a sick ride and you wanna try and get it featured hit me up :)

I have seen so many legit cars on here ! im stoked to be apart of the TSX community :) You guys have all built some sick cars.. hopefully I can do the same.

Here is my ride

I need to hurry and lower this baby, stock ride height is so high it looks like its a F*cking hover craft :laugh:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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