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Hey everyone,

For about 2 months now, I've been the proud owner of an 09 TSX (gray, 6-Spd MT). It has 30k miles on it and after looking all over these forums for the past couple of days, I'm thinking it's time to start putting some more money into my car.

So as I said I've been looking all over the forums the past couple of days but I still have a few questions that I figure I'll ask here:

1. Since I'm in Colorado, I plan on buying some all-weather mats. However, they only sell them in that tan "parchment" color and black. My car is gray with the grayish/lighter parchment colored leather (as shown below), so I was wondering if yall think the "parchment" colored mats would still be alright for my car?

I'm sorry if this sounds stupid, but I'm currently on vacation away from my car and just looking at pictures online right now, the colors don't seem to match up...

They don't seem to match...

2. Next, I've had my car for about two months, but had mostly been doing just short (<1hr) driving until two weekends ago. I drove up from Colorado Springs to the mountains in Breckenridge. When I got to some of the steeper downhill parts of the drive in the mountains, the car/brakes started rumbling and shaking when I braked on the downhills to slow down from the 70-80ish mph I was going.

Before I bought my car, I knew about possible brake problems, and especially after reading through the forums, I've seen how prevalent they are.

I would just like some advice as to what to do now, knowing that my brakes don't seem to be 100% after my drive in the mountains. Should I go to the dealership and try to get them replaced with the TSB thing? Should I just buy some of the brakes from Marcus at heeltoeauto? Or should I just resume driving for now?

3. The last thing I'm wondering about after looking through the forums the past couple of days is the ECU reflash. I don't know much about cars, so I'm kind of confused as to what exactly this is. But everyone on here seems to have done it. And I plan on putting in a CAI soon. Is this ECU reflash something I would do before or after putting that in?

Thanks for any help...i might post similar questions in more relevant threads if i don't get help here.

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Welcome! I think the black mats match the best- I have gray interior as well. There is nothing in the interior that is that tan color.

As far as braking goes especially on mountain roads, I would downshift to maintain speed. The way I was always taught was to not drag the brakes and to use them to reduce speed. If you are under warranty, the dealership may replace/turn your rotors for free.

And lastly, I would hold off on the reflash until you get more mods- intake and header perhaps.

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I also suggest going with the black mats instead of the tan ones. And as for the brakes you'll have to keep a watchful eye on them these cars can go through brakes rather quickly.
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