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Hey y'all! I have been on this site for the past week or so since purchasing a 2004 Milano Red TSX. It was babied and in excellent condition...Very happy with it so far except for an unfortunate speeding ticket last night. Whoops!

a little about me and what I'm looking to do with it: I'm a 22, out of Columbus, Ohio. Just bought it last week. I enjoy the look stock, but have a list of things I would like to, and thought it would be a fun summer project. First of all I don't know jack about the engine or any of the "under the hood" topics or terms. So give me time. But I do know that I want an eye catching look. The "arrest me red" is apparently already eye catching (note: speeding ticket yesterday) But I'd like to make it my own, but not over the top where it looks fake. Basically I want it to look fast and sexy but be safe and reliable. So here is a list of thoughts and questions.

I am most likely going with 2 colors on this car, red (the exterior color already) and black. I do like the black rim look. already have an appointment for the windows to be tinted, I hear the cops are really strict on that up here, but want to get the most tint with still being legal. Your thoughts?

I went to home depot today and bought 7 cans of the infamous plastidip in matte black. I'm not sure if red, black and chrome in one car is what I'm looking for. Which makes it a bit more challenging and more fun. So if i took on the red and black theme, I would most likely have to change all the chrome parts on the car (front grill, emblems, door handles, wheels, trim, etc.) to either black or red. Does this seem logical?

With the red and black look, I would think I would like to change the head/taillight covers to make them darker. Is this illegal, and if so I also like the completely clear covers...or are they covers or just spray? what's yall's take on this?

also I was looking at body kits, and was unsure how they would look considering the pics on the websites you can barely see. a question that I have regarding body kits is how they work? would I be correct in saying they make it look more sporty/aggressive without lowering the actual vehicle? and if that is so, couldn't I just lower it? what is the pro and cons of both? Yes I know...I'm a novice here.

also thinking about interior, but that can be saved for another day.

any help I could would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to this!

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