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Hey guys as you see from my title I'm new to the tsxclub. After months of hard work and quite a bit of saving, I'm a proud new owner of an 04 TSX. I absolutely love the car it's fully loaded and drives soooo smooth, not to mention it gets quite a bit of attention.

I had one quick question, I've read that you can shift into SS mode anytime and I've done that and love it. I enjoy SS mode but was wondering if I really needed to shift down when coming to a stop since I've noticed the car does it automatically if you don't? Am I hurting anything if I let the car do it? Also If it is best for me to downshift is there any specific speeds that are best for downshifting from 4th to 3rd and so on?

Thanks for the help in Advance!
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wsup bro .. welcome to the forum! if your on 4th gear you wont be able to downshift unless your going 82MPh or lower. the trans wont downshift if itll go straight into vtec. as for downshifting into 3rd gear. around 60MPH.
not sure about the other questions but i do it couple times a day and never had an issue
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum. Sorry I don't know the answer to your question!
Thanks for the help Meso! Also thanks whatsanacura and TSXpath you guys are AWESOME!!
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