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New here! CL7 Kit questions?

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Hello all!
I'm new here, although I've been stalking for quite some time.
My girlfriend and I both drive Integras at this time, but have been looking into purchasing an Automatic TSX, as a family car, but keeping an Acura/Honda family.

We've been looking around, and realised that there are Lip kits available for the TSX, as well as the front grill and grill trim and emblems, from the Accord Euro-R.

My biggest question is this; how far in depth would I have to go to convert the exterior, as of now, into a CL7 euro-r?
I can't figure out the year differences in them(we'd be getting a Gen1), as far as headlights, bumpers(if need-be, or is the lip kit the only difference?) and I know the only difference of the hood is the little trim piece, I believe.

Where could I find more information on this, as well as possibly a guide to install said products.

Remember, going for aesthetics using genuine parts for a family car; it isn't cool to spill the babies cheerios whilst shifting, lol.

Thanks a ton!
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this thread should help you

04-05 is before the small exterior and interior changes. 06-08 have different grill, hood (trimless), front bumper, rear bumper, and inner truck taillights, just to name the major ones.

06-08 is preferable, while you should stay away from 04's. front and rear bumpers are interchangeable for all 1st gens (04-08) so you could always mix and match if you have the $. side skirts are also interchangeable for all years.

to run the cl7 grills, you'll need to source a jdm cl7 front bumper or else the grill will have slight gaps. some have just zipped tied it the best they could, while others opt for mugen which has perfect fitment, yet still give you the jdm bling. lastly, euro R lips are pretty pricey and hard to come by compared to the regular a-spec stuff we can get in the states

CL7 parts (bare minimum for exterior only)
2003 Honda Accord CL7 20EL for sale, Japanese used cars details - CarPriceNet
-front bumper (so grill fits right)
-jdm radiator support
-tail lights
-rear emblems
-head lights
-single exhaust and bumper plug (maybe?)

Then we have the euro R stuff which is the grill, front, side, and rear add on pieces. see pictures in the link i posted up top so you get a better understanding. the aspec stuff we get in the states is labeled as "modulo" pieces in japan. lastly 04-05 euro R exterior pieces are different than 06-08 euro R pieces.
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To be honest, i'm not sure if you need a jdm bumper for an 06-08, but i know you need one for 04-05 if you want the cl7 or euro R grill to fit right. From the sounds of it, euro R stuff is getting harder to get and they are more than double the price of aspec pieces and you'll probably wait at least a few months to get them. Contact heeltoeauto to see if he can still get them new, or check in this forum's classifieds get one from another member.

Exterior - HeelToe Automotive

if you can do without the cl7 or euro r grill, you can get a mugen grill and just get the lip pieces to save some money but still have jdm look. jdm headlights differ from 04-05 to 06-08.

this is the 04-05 jdm headlight

while this is the 06-08 jdm headlight

as you can see, the 06-08 is more desirable because of the blue tint. i believe headlights are interchangeable so you could put 06-08's on a 04-05, but enthusiasts will know. kind of like putting 98 integra body pieces on an 95 or something. looks nicer, but the hard core purist guys will think it's weird.
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ps: feel free to send me dc4 parts for all this info :)
06-08's have a few additional upgrades that the 04-05's have besides the exterior.

Here's a list of stuff that has changed:

basically, 06-08 is all around better in terms of performance, interior, etc. 07-08 has native hondata flashpro support (meaning you don't have to buy a secondary ecu) so keep that kind mind if you plan to tune.

a friend of mine (plusONE_TSX) used to have a jdm grill with usdm bumper. here are some pics

he then got a jdm bumper and you no longer see the bottom gap on the grill and bumper.

mind you he has an 04-05 and i'm still not sure if the grill issue exists with usdm 06-08s and jdm grills so maybe someone will chime in. the other silver tsx is mine and its an 06 with aspec all around w/ mugen grill

aspec stuff is OEM so the fitment is as good as it gets. hardest part on 06-08 aspec is the front lip cause it involves a little bit of cutting and double sided tape. if you buy aspec stuff new, it'll come prepainted and it'll come with all the hard ware you need.

i believe jdm inner tail lights have the backup fog light. the inner facing circle is different. not sure if there is a difference with outer jdm tail lights.

06 hoods dont have a trim.

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Also, just looked around, and the A-spec doesn't look much anything like the euro-r ones. >.<
yup aspec/modulo look different than euro-r stuff. all boils down to preference, money, and availability. Pimpin' ain't easy.
04-08 Acura Tsx Body Kits from VIS Racing at Andy's Auto Sport

I know it's from andysautosport, but that second kit, does that look more like the euro-r to you?
Would you get that instead of the a-spec? Or would the fitment be pretty shotty?
yes that is the 06-08 exact replica made by VIS. i believe replica companies usually get the real thing to make a mold, then mass produce them to make money.

VIS = all replica or copies of OEM/authentic stuff

its up to you if you want to see how they are in terms of quality or fitment. i've seen some folks run VIS stuff and they seem to be fine, but I don't have experience with them, nor do I like to get replica stuff.
anything minor to moderate from a distance is hard to notice. being a few feet away, that gap is pretty noticeable in my opinion.
jdm bumper not needed for good jdm headlight fitment. jdm headlight and usdm headlight interchangeable
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