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New here! CL7 Kit questions?

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Hello all!
I'm new here, although I've been stalking for quite some time.
My girlfriend and I both drive Integras at this time, but have been looking into purchasing an Automatic TSX, as a family car, but keeping an Acura/Honda family.

We've been looking around, and realised that there are Lip kits available for the TSX, as well as the front grill and grill trim and emblems, from the Accord Euro-R.

My biggest question is this; how far in depth would I have to go to convert the exterior, as of now, into a CL7 euro-r?
I can't figure out the year differences in them(we'd be getting a Gen1), as far as headlights, bumpers(if need-be, or is the lip kit the only difference?) and I know the only difference of the hood is the little trim piece, I believe.

Where could I find more information on this, as well as possibly a guide to install said products.

Remember, going for aesthetics using genuine parts for a family car; it isn't cool to spill the babies cheerios whilst shifting, lol.

Thanks a ton!
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To make it easier Google 2005 Accord Euro-R and 2006 Accord Euro-R, pull up the 2 images and compare. Not knowing the differences between the 2 will make it confusing to shop for kits. That "Euro-R" kit from VIS is for the 06-08 and made out of fiberglass as oppose to polyurethane like the OEM kit. Down that list you will see the "Type-R" kit from VIS and that is the replica Euro-R kit for the 04-05. VIS makes all the replica kits and bumpers available for the TSX so you found all the options we have. Oh wait, except the OEM Modulo Voltage bumper. They don't make that one.

The 06-08 Euro-R grille fits perfect with zero gaps. I have seen MANY 06-08 Euro-R grilles with gaps in the bottom and thats because of improper installation.

My Euro-R grille 0 gaps :grinno:
So, all you did was buy an 06 euro r grill and put it on your 06 tsx? with usdm bumper? and it fits?
I haven't purchased one yet, but will be soon enough.
Either NBP or CGP. It would be an 06-08 year.
oh if that's the case you'll need 05 bumper if you wanna play with diff grilles

pond, wald, woodbell, feels, bUD, phase, etc.:) good chocie though 06!
But I thought you told me if I had an 06, the euro r grill will fit perfectly?
my bad, the grilles mentioned above are 05 lol not 06. All grilles designed for 06 will fit flawlessly I could be wrong though.! i have a cm2 bumper myself, so I havn't used a 06 for awhile now lol.
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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