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2004 Honda Accord 2.4 Type S
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Good day,

I recently bought an Acura TSX 2.4 6-Speed, though because I'm actually in South Africa, it's actually a Honda Accord 2.4 as we get ours from Europe I believe. Anyway, it seems the previous owner disabled the Drivers Door Switch, the car doesn't recognise when the door is open. I say disabled because I swapped the switch out with the right rear passenger door, and the dash cluster recognises that the rear door is open, but the drivers door (Right hand drive in South Africa, by the way) still shows as unopened.

As you can imagine, this is quite scary because if I unlock the car and open the drivers door, the car locks again after a set time, as most cars should, and am at risk of locking the keys in the car.

Is there a fix for this? Or some sort of troubleshooting procedure I can try besides testing the switch itself, which obviously works...
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