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I have a 2004 Acura TSX that I bought in decent condition. A few months ago my low beams started flickering on and off randomly. Until one day they would not turn on, no matter what I did. I searched for an answer here on the forums and I found out that my ballasts were needed to be replaced.

When I looked inside the hood I noticed that the previous owner replaced the OEM ballasts with some cheap aftermarket ones. So I did some research here and the retrofit source seemed like everyone's go to for their HID replacement. I went ahead and bought an OEM Mitsubishi ballast from TRS.

Since it was plug and play, I was able to install it easily without any problems. The low beams turn on without any flickering, only thing is that smoke starts coming out from the headlights and there is a burning smell in the air. Is there something I did wrong when I installed them? The old ballasts were 35w just like the ones I bought.

Just so you guys know, I used the old D2S bulbs that were already on the car. I did not replace them as they work just fine, I don't know the brand, just that they are D2S 5000K. I've been driving with my high beams at night and I need to get my low beams working ASAP.
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