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**NEW ITEM 15mm Adaptor/spacer and BC Springs

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A pair 15mm Adaptor/Spacer
99% new with a knick on the edge. see photos
new price**
$55 picked up (Socal)

BC Springs for extreme low kit ONLY. Selling because bought higher spring rates.
12k fronts
7k rears
Tech recommends only at 2k increase at most before needing a revalve.
link for questions FAQ | BC Racing North America

$130 for all 4. retail from bc is 200 for just 2 springs


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Yes, if I get no buyers locally soon ill ship
Bump for closer pics of spacers @Scubasteve ill let you know if this sale does not go through
yeah i decided i didnt want to correct the camber in the front so im -2 in the fronts and -2.8 in the rears
springs are up for shipping. retail for 2 springs are 200... selling them for $130 for all 4!
sup i got bc springs still up for sale
low price for 4 springs!
sup i got a new item added. pair of 15mm spacers for 70 shipped!!
sup its easter... i got parts for sale
new price $55 for spacers
1 - 17 of 22 Posts
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