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READ FIRST: Rules Regarding Marketplace

If these simple rules cannot be followed your thread/post will be deleted without notification.


NOTE: TSXClub is not liable nor will be held responsible for any transactions made via the forum. Buyer Beware!


• Ask for their information, ask if you can call them, ask for pictures of something specific, etc. It's your money and you're responsible, so be proactive.
• If you see anything suspicious please contact the forum moderators or administrators.


Any threads suspected of being a business will be edited and/or locked; no businesses are allowed other than paying sponsors of the site. If you would like to become a sponsor contact the marketing manager for details.

Things that are NOT ALLOWED to be sold:

• No weapons of any kind, paintball guns are the only firearms allowed (this includes knives, brass knuckles, etc.)
• No pirated software or movies
• Selling CarFax runs will earn you a ban
• No Drug Paraphernalia

Any thread that is created in the Marketplace is required to be reviewed by a Moderator prior to being visible to the users. This is to cut down on the amount of threads we are required to delete for rules violations.

If you cant find your thread after a 24 hour period, please contact one of our Marketplace Moderators (tekneek or cYn).

Start your post with the appropriate Subject Prefix in the subject field to verify what your sale thread is about…

FS: For Sale
WTB: Wanted to Buy
FT: For Trade Only

Please be as descriptive as possible in your sale posts.

Price MUST be included in all for sale threads. If you're selling your TSX you must also include the VIN.

ALL threads in the For Sale section must include at least one accurate picture of good quality of the item(s) for each sale or trade which will be your "Verification Slip".

The "Verification Slip" must include the following information:

• Your User Name
• Today's Date



While this does not prove without a doubt that the seller owns the said items, it will minimize/reduce the possibility of potential scams. Not having any access to some sort of digital camera is not an excuse and if that's the case, you can wait to create the thread until you can get the pictures. DO NOT CREATE A THREAD WITHOUT A VERIFICATION SLIP.

• Photo(s) must be included at initial time of posting. No, "I'll post a picture later" excuses
• Must be separate and actually on a piece of paper. No photoshop or paint text allowed on top of your picture.
• When a member is selling several items or multiple items, like wheels or anything that goes in sets, pictures must be taken with each individual item by itself showing any damage.
• Each and every part/cable/component that comes with it is required to be in the photo(s). The exception to that rule would be if the item(s) clearly specify that it is "unopened and sealed from the factory" (NIB).

Do not post in a for sale thread unless you are interested in purchasing the item, or it is your for sale thread. This includes bumping and low balling. The For Sale area is not for whoring.

Post Your Price, NO Auction Type Sales! No 'Best Offer' Sales! - Running your sale like an auction is not acceptable in the Sale Forums. We find this to be a highly dishonest form of selling. There is nothing stopping the seller from telling one member he/she got a higher offer through Private Messaging or Email, when they really didn't. So in short, you must list sale prices in your sale post! No further explanation needed. If you post an auction type sale, it will be removed and you will be flagged with a warning to your account.

Rules put in place by the seller - You must have all the guidelines that pertain to the sale outlined in the first post when the thread is opened. Yet again, this is to protect both the buyer and seller from ending up in a situation that is detrimental to both parties.Changing the rules of the sale after the thread has been started will lead to an immediate thread closure. No questions asked.

No Public Bid-Wars or Price Bashing! - Show common courtesy to the person that is selling their item. Do not reply to their post in a negative manner, with "I will sell anyone the same spoiler for $20.00 or less!". If you can offer it cheaper, start your own sale post. Don't encroach on another members sale post. That is thread jacking and is a warnable offense.

"Low Balling" in the Marketplace is not allowed. - This includes comments on price, where to get it cheaper, or any inflammatory remarks.

iTrader Information

The Trader Rating System is a reputation counter of previous sales and transactions. Note the "Trader Rating" indicator under your avatar. That number is a link that will take you to your Trader Rating page where you can see rating and feedback about you that others have left. When you buy from or sell to another member, you should make it a point to leave feedback for that person. That way, the next person who wants to do business with them has an idea of how they've conducted business in the past. If everyone uses this system, there is little need to spend hours searching old threads to see if your potential buyer/seller has ripped anyone off in the past.

Here are a few thoughts and rules for the Trader Rating system:

1. Leave feedback ONCE per transaction.
2. Be fair and objective in your rating/feedback. If a seller was one day late shipping your product, that doesn't make a bad sale.
3. This system is for your benefit. It's important that others leave feedback about you and vice versa. If you leave feedback for someone and they don't leave feedback for you, politely ask them to follow up your transaction with a visit to your TR page.
4. Leaving false feedback about a transaction, or leaving feedback for a transaction that you did not take place in as a form of retaliation against another member is grounds for banishment.
5. The TR system is a tool provided by "the forum" to help prevent fraudulent activity. Per the Terms Of Use, the forum has no liability for any transaction you conduct with another member that results in your being defrauded.


NOTE: TSXClub is not liable nor will be held responsible for any transactions made via the forum. Buyer Beware!
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