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Bought a TSX with 220K miles so I'm sure I'll be on here quite a bit. I've previously owned three BMW's, one e36 and two e46's. Last car was 7th gen accord and I loved it's reliability and safety (saved my life) although I did miss the luxury and sportiness of the BMW's so I found the right balance in the TSX.

I've since changed the oil to full synthetic mobile 1, replaced the ATF fluid 3X in order to get all of the old fluid out, new spark plugs, new engine air filter, and new air cabin filter. I also fitted all of the interior lights with LED's along with the license plate lights and I retrofitted the third brake light from an e46 BMW into the TSX's housing (almost a perfect fit).

Anyways, I'm now looking to replace the brake pads, rotors, and do a coolant flush along with a new water pump (preventative, and the coolant is green and it's my understanding OEM should be blue like it was in my accord). The starter looks like it's reaching the end of its life so I'll replace that soon. Which leads me to my main question. Where do you guys get your parts? For my BMW's I used to buy from ECS Tuning and FCP Euro (which has an import division for Honda parts but it's pretty limited).

Looking forward to the TSX Club!

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First off welcome to the forum and these are some good places to get OEM parts. But there are others.

Had me a couple of E-90's my self. Miss them but these cars are way more reliable when it comes to getting into higher mileage. And yes I do believe that the coolant should be blue. Sounds like someone put the wrong stuff in there at some point.

Good luck and OEM parts can get expensive but when it comes to pumps and starters and a few other things I would not want anything else. IMO
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