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Hello everyone! Been a lurker here before I made an account, also am a member over at AZine.

Here's a little info, last August I sold my '01 TL, and got an '04 TSX 5AT Navi.

Currently sitting at 102k miles, running strong and clean. I haven't really modded the car, but I am however going to make a post where I'll be attempting to make a homemade CAI using stock parts and stuff in my garage. Ideally as cheap as possible.

Overall, I like the TSX a lot, especially the gas mileage compared to my TL, engine could use a little pep, but overall its a great car. Wish I got the 6MT though :(.

Anyways, hello everyone again, looking forward to posting and reading here! Lots of interesting threads I've seen here from my lurking days.
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