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I was told about this site from the previous owner of my TSX. I bought it early February. It's a white 2006 6-speed with navi.

I plan to use this site as a source of information since Honda-Tech doesn't have much for these cars.

Name is Jarrod. I live in southern Virginia. The TSX will be my nice car and won't be driven very often unless it's on trips or nice days.

This is my first of a newer 'Honda'. I've had everything from a couple CRXs; to a 92 Civic CX hatchback with a B16 turbo and all R suspension/interior; to a 00 Civic Si that had a sleeved/built B18c5 swap with a revhard 60trim turbo kit; to my last and probably favorite project which was a 98 Integra Type R, theft recovery, that had a B20vtec that put down 230/157whp with AC.

Sold the R and bought the TSX. The P/O is a good family friend of mine, he took great care of the car and installed quality parts to it. It's lowered on TEIN SS with Skunk2 front camber kit and Ingals rear. Has a Mugen shifter and a S2000 CR shift knob; otherwise the interior is stock.

Only things I've done to it are continue to keep it clean. Fix a couple blemishes that I could do myself. Align the car. Put the VOLKs on it.

I ordered a O.E. EURO R front lip and I'm waiting for it to come in. Otherwise, I'm leaving the car alone and just going to do basic maintenance to it. I have a 93 Aztec Green GSR that is my project car..

This is the first car I've bought 'done up' by someone else but Eric. took GREAT care of it and I cannot complain one bit about the condition of it.

Anyhow, hello..

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Welcome to the forum! Sounds like a great start!

Welcome. Just add your own touches to the car since you seem to have a good platform. This is the best site for TSX knowledge.
Haha, I need all I can get.

Funny, I can take a B16 and make over 400whp but I can't figure out how to hack the navi to get rid of the stupid splash screen I have. (It's the Tron Oddyssey one from the 4.92 update)

Welcome! Lets see some pics!
Eh, about that haha. I have about 6 good friends who are professional photographers(weddings and such) and I never get em to shoot it.

poker run 90 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

poker run 128 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

These are from a local Poker Run we had in Virginia.

I'll get a real shoot once my Euro R lip arrives (and I put my TL-S rear sway bar on; even though you wont be able to see it haha)

**edit I hate Flickr
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