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2005 Acura TSX M/T
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Greeting Eveyone,

New owner of a 2005 TSX 6SPD M/T with just under 200k miles. Previous owner seemed to have address most of the upkeep issues, but still small little things that need to be addressed. Coming from single cam Honda's, definitely noticed a difference in the K24 immediately. Cannot express how happy I was to shift into 6th Gear for the first time as well.

1990 Honda Civic EF

2009 Honda GE8 Fit M/T

2005 Acura TSX

  • Graphite Pearl with some clearcoat fade
  • 200K
  • S2000 Steering Wheel
Assuming wiring isn't the same which is causing the follow: Airbag Light and VSA Light is on. No Horn.
- Blank Navigation/Radio not working

  • Daily / Sporadic Track Days
  • Possibly HTAC Challenge or VTEC CLUB N1
Competed in VTEC CLUB in N2 Class for 4 years. Random track days with like minded friends and entusiasts.
- Address suspension components and weight before power.
Coilovers. Slowly will convert to spherical bushings and components to compliment. Shed weight that doesn't effect the drivability to work or 20 mile round trip commute.
- Wheels
Still in debate on 17" or 18"


First Upgrades:

Was able to find some items locally and through work to spruce up interior of the TSX. Ordered LED bulbs for the interior off Diode Dynamics. Had a spare Battle Craft Hyper Teardrop shift knob laying around from my EF. To keep the JDM vibe going, obtained a ARC Shift Pattern Plate through work and some JDM Squash as the cherry on top.

Battle Craft Hyper Teardrop shift Knob + ARC Titanium 6SPD Shift Pattern Plate. Illuminated by Diode Dynamics interior LED bulb kit.

Looking forward to meeting like minded enthusiasts and drivers and also the potential of the chassis.
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