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Alright, My name is Jared, I'm 26, and I'm from Texas. I'm currently going to Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX for Mechanical Engineering, and then on to Texas A&M for aerospace engineering. I drive a 2006 Acura TSX with 317k miles. I bought the car from my dad before college, and he had bought it from a guy in Ft. Worth when it was still basically brand new. The guy before him modified it a bit, sway bar, big chrome rims, etc. Anyways, through my dad's use, the car started falling apart. Trim breaking, paint peeling, and some other stuff. I've started to put it all back together, rewrapping and repainting most of the car.

This is not my first car, but it's the first car I started modding. We all had our ideas when we were kids of what we wanted our car to look like. Back when I was young, I was all into the body kits, loud exist, flashy paint jobs, etc. Now as I grew older, I realized I just want a clean look. Lip, slightly lowered, and not so flashy. I get pulled over a lot, I don't need more, lol. Anyways, I started with minor "mods". Mostly with just exterior and interior looks. Plastidipped some stuff just to get the idea of what I wanted. Peeled it off soon after. A lot of the trim pieces are chipped and the paint is fading, so I decided I'm going to try my hand at wrapping them. I also temporarily tinted the headlights just to see how I liked them. I've taken off the tint since, I like them clear, but I do want the headlights with the clear turn signals one of these days.

The front bumper is having some problems, was late to work, ended up pulling up a little far into a parking spot, so when I backed up, ripped the bumper almost off. I fixed it for the most part, but it needs more work to close the gap and fix the clips. I have a lot of paint chipping and scratches, so since my dad does cabinet building, he has the painting accessories. My brother and I, are going to be plastdipping our cars coming up here in a few months. My brother owns a performance shop, he does a lot of the engine work on my car, for a discount of course lol....

Anyways, interior is ripped out for the wrapping, I'll end up posting a later post about the radio and amp issues I've been having, and I already posted a post about that dang domelight.

Anyways, I'm prepared for your comments. I know there will be some hate. I get it all the time, lol. I live in a town where everyone believes everyone should drive a lifted truck and rope.

Oh yes, hate on my engine cover all you want, friend thought it would be funny to splatter it with red paint.


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