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i'm new here from south carolina welcome me please
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thanks for the heads up on that issue. Got lucky with this car….all California car, no accidents, body is perfect, not even a parking lot door ding. Well taken care of…i changed the tranny fluid first thing and will do it again soon, just because…keep fresh fluid in the tranny and it will last for ever…so easy to do why not do it. 84,000 on this one and expect lots more. Had a 95 Accord wagon I loved with 230,000 and engine developed bad knocks, but tranny shifted perfect…change fluid every other oil change..easy. Just my recommendation as an old mechanic…if you are diy guy.
I haven't even looked at the the trans to see if ut can be done. I assumned it was a closed trans which has to be taken to a shop. Where is thw drain plug located?
Plug has a round head, engine side of trans I believe at the bottom of course, with a square internal 3/8” drive. You can remove it with a 3/8” ratchet. 3.5 qts to refill. Recommend replacing the gasket as it is a crush style.
Awesome thnx. Are there any recommendations for which fluid is best
1 - 2 of 10 Posts