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I bought a Satin Silver/Ebony TSX AT with Nav on 1/15. enjoying it very much....but I have one issue..and some questions...

after driving a few days... I find that the car drifts/pulls left. I let go of the wheel, and it will (most of the time) drift to the left (within a 3-5 seconds). starting from stop, sometimes the wheel actually turns to the left as well. My previous car was pretty much straight all the time... am I being overly sensitive? This drift happens on all roads, hwy, local, parkways.

I've scheduled an appointment with the dealer, just curious if anyone else has had this issue and how it was resolved.

The Navigation locked up on me when recalculating a route in Manhattan. I couldn't access ANY other controls (radio/AC). I had to pull over and turn off/on the car to get it to reset. Is there a way to restart the Nav without have to turn of the engine?

Anyone put a tow hitch on the TSX? how does it look? The website/brochures don't list it as an Accessory option. The dealer said it wasn't recommended. But the manual actually has a section for towing. My only interest in the tow hitch is to I use it to attach a bike carrier/rack; want to keep the bikes as far away from the paint as possible..

ok...confession time... my parallel parking skills are kinda poor. and trying to squeeze into NYC parking spots with the TSX is my greatest stressor. Anyone have a backup camera installed? integrated with the Nav screen? would doing this void the nav warranty? if anyone has done this and could recommend a place in NYC area, I'd appreciate it. or, even better, can a dealer do this? the MDX touring package has a camera...think it can be put on a tsx?

thanks everyone for sharing their knowledge. :)

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Boy, did you come to the right place!

The Nav freeze thing used to be reported a lot; we haven't heard about it for some time.
I don't recall it ever being a problem in the middle of a drive; usually it was right after the car started up, and, if I understood right, it usually or often happened when people would "jump the gun" on hitting the first "OK."

Yes, parallel parking is especially difficult with the TSX.
I can understand wanting a backup camera.
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