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New owner of a 05.. or 07 ?!

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I really can't decide between these two.

The 07 is newer yes but more mileage by about 6k, has navi, and all that other luxurious sweet stuff.

The other one is 05 and is manual which I really like.

I like both of these and plan to go check them out within 2 days and I can't decide whether the pros and cons outweigh each other. I'm hoping you guys on the forum can give me some perspectives and opinions since you guys already own TSXs.

I guess what I am wondering is ... does the goodies in the 07 outweigh the 05 enough to where stick doesn't matter? I think these are both great deals either or. I don't really need navi since I use my phone most of the time for that.

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It really depends on what you really want.

If you really want a manual, just get it.

06+ have ~5 more hp
memory seats
aux in
I prefer the look if the facelift one,nicer alloys and more chrome on the grille.
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