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Hi all,

Sorry for the great delay in more pictures, just wanted more parts to be installed before I posted. Here is the current mod list:

Phase Front Bumper
Phase Carbon Fibre Hood
Phase Rear Spoiler
Advan Kruezer X 18x8 Wheels
Toyo T1-S 225/40/18 Tires
Rays Lug Nuts w/7 Edge Lock
Spoon 4POT Monoblock Calipers
Endless CC-R Brake Pads
Eibach SportLine Springs
Honda Access Rain Visors
JDM Honda Inspire Rear 'H' Emblem
JDM Accord Euro-R Door Sills
JDM DC5R K20 Red Valve Cover
JDM DC5R K20 Spark Plug Cover
JDM DC5R K20 Oil Dipstick
Spoon Oil Cap
Spoon Rad Cap
Spoon Resevoir Socks
Mugen Shift Knob

and more to come.....

Here's the link to the most updated pictures



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congraduation inspire
nice CF hood..
just got a question for u
did u get rid of the A in the steering wheel??
if so how??
i want to get rid of it..
also did u get rid of the Acura sign in the stereo??
thz thz....
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