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New pics

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woot! InspireS on board!

how did you get up there, insipre?

very nice pic! :flower:
InspireS said:
hehe..special permit ;)
err... why u get the love, but not me.... :mecry:
I can tell InspireS is a nice guy...

228 is not that nice... :mecry:
Inspire. how much u lowered your car?

I am planning 0.5" or 0.25"...
InspireS said:
I have no clue...i didn't measure the coilover adjustment compared to stock when they installed the coilovers. I presume about 3+ inches since I am running on 18's and no wheel gap at all.

oh... and you are running 225/40 too...
hmm... me gonna try to get adjustable too... haevn't decide how much to lower...
1 - 6 of 28 Posts
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