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New Product Idea - Fuel Courtesy Lamp

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Since I'm always thinking of new ideas (and gadgets) I wondered if anyone else has felt a need for a little illumination above the fuel cap (behind the door)?

For some reason it's always dark around the opening and especially at night when it can be a little tricky finding the hole.

OK, let's get our minds out of the gutter, not that hole the one in the car.

Anyway, at first I thought about hardwiring an LED above the cap (in the top of the recessed area above the gas cap). That would involve drilling a hole inside that confined space (near the gas line :( )and running wires to the parking lamps or adding a switch... Too involved and tough to install.

Then, I thought why not add a small integrated light fixture that contained an LED, battery and "dead man switch?" You could easily mount it with double sided tape or velcro. When the fuel door is closed, the switch is depressed or off when the door opens, the light comes on. With an LED and lithium ion battery it would work under extreme temperature conditions and battery replacement would be years away.

Is this overkill or a viable idea, what's your opinion?
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I think that the reason there are no electronic devices near the fuel hole is it could cause a spark, or static, and we all know what that can lead to...
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