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Hey Guys & Gals!

We are happy to introduce a new line of vehicle security called nuStart. These systems are made by the same manufacturer as the highly esteemed CompuSTAR systems and use identical technology and have pretty much the same features.

Why buy nuStart?

nuStart is a new line featuring all new designs & casings for alarm and remotes.

THE BEST PART: With nuStart you are getting pretty much all you get with CompuSTAR's systems but at around 20% less than the price of CompuSTAR.

nuStart offers superior value & quality to you, the consumer:


NUA-1000 (1 way alarm) INSTALLED $189.99

NUAS-1000 (1 way alarm/starter) INSTALLED $269.99

NUA-3000 (2 way AM alarm) INSTALLED $289.99

NUAS-3000 (2 way AM alarm/starter) INSTALLED $369.99

NUA-4000 (2 way FM alarm) INSTALLED $389.99

NUAS-4000 (2 way FM alarm/starter) INSTALLED $479.99

Our basic installation includes:

-siren output
-door pin inputs
-dual-stage shock sensor
-parking light flash
-hood pin input (2 way systems only)
-anti-grind starter kill (2 way systems only)

Prices listed are for basic installation only. Other options & immobilzer bypass ( may be required for remote start feature) extra. Please inquire for details.
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