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New RBC Manifold

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I have an unopened RBC intake manifold for sell. I decided to keep the motor stock.

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Tempting, GLWS.
where at in alabama are you?
It should bolt up but I do not know if anything has to be modified.
Where was this purchased from?
I purchased it a few months back from my local dealership intending on installing it with flashpro, but plans have changed now. It is still sealed in factory plastic bag.

Hopefully someone is looking for a great mod!
Thinking of getting this, but only have a Re-flash.... Will I lose power adding this with a 70mm TB?
This manifold has shorter runners and is best suited at higher rpm. The tsx has longer runners for more torque, but this limits it at higher rpm. Tuning and mods will determine gains.

This is a proven manifold with lots of literature out there to back it up. Please no more questions about fitment or performance. Thanks.

Bump new price
Pm sent
Payment sent!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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