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Brand new real JDM TSX (or Accord Euro R) headlights for sale, TSX is 100% made in Japan so the headlights will fit, as you can see the main difference is the clear corner, true people on the forum show how to take that off, but do you really want to mess with your original headlights incase you need to chage or sell your car later, I know i didnt want to do mess with my girlfriends headlights so I got those for her, took me about 45 mins to install, friend in Japan sent them to me, I ordered 2 sets because I was going to also purchase a TSX since its a bad ass car, want to upgrade from my 99 Accord coupe, but gf selling me her TSX since she is going to be going away to grad school, or let me borrow for a while , well if you have any questions let me know, the price is going to be $500.00 shipped anywhere to the continental US, just want to get my money back, willing ot take just about any payment
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