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I bought my TSX yesterday, got it at $1300 below msrp (anyone in Ottawa interested in knowing more let me know).

Options - The only option I added was the rear spoiler. Since my wife is going to share the car with me I had to buy an automatic (I know, I know... :( but at least it has a sportshift, besides I get to keep my Prelude Vtec for when I really crave to shift).

Driving Impressions - For me the most important thing in a car is handling. I've had my Prelude for 7 years, I've been spoilt. The TSX handles as good or better than my Lude. I test drove a 240hp Accord coupe, it goes like sting but I didn't buy it because I had to slow down a lot at corners, I ain't doin' that. The TSX corners great and it's fast enough (even with the auto). The engine has that quiet roar to it that I love, it's a mixture of the familiar Vtec prowl combined with german bmw-like solid metallic sound. It's different from any other Honda/Acura I've driven. I loved driving it. The guy gave me the keys, and I didn't want to come back...

Can't wait to pick it up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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