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Just picked up a 2004 TSX as a daily driver.🤗 I'm planning on making some changes to it to fit my purpose. It's not perfect and needs updating. Hopefully I can count on all of you for some help.🙏 Maybe you can point me to the right direction on some of my issues. Where to buy, what to avoid, blah, blah.:LOL: I will try to upload some photos later. By the way, I'm more of a DIY kinda guy. But to give you an idea of what I need to address, here's a list:

-center console lights are dead. completely blacked out.
-cracked windshield.
-maybe a new battery.
-trans oil change.
-windshield wipers.
-I need new coilovers. It's lowered, so the ride is too stiff for me. Previous owner cut the coil springs to lower it.

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