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New to the forum, i am thiking of buyin a TSX, curently driving an audi. (more)

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... what should i expect and not to expect from a TSX ?

My Acura dealer keep calling me for a test drive as my mom and bro are driving Acuras (dad and me like europeans)...

I will be in seat in this forum for let say 2 months or so .. observing. Then i will get the car :)
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Why be afraid of a test drive? Scared you might like the car? :) in all seriousness, just drive the car. They can't force you to buy it.

Between TSX and A4 1.8T, I would perfer the Audi. Simply it is an European car. :D
Just depends on how much money you want to spend. I paid 26, 490 plus tax and license for mine. It's got everything on it, including stability control system, side airbags. The only thing I miss is seat memory settings for driver. Don't know if you can get Audi, BMW similiarly equipped for that price.
Nope, but you can get a stripped down to the bare essentials BMW 325i or Audi 1.8T for that price.
in my opinion, new a4 1.8T's are severely underpowered. so whatever you do, don't go for that. they also handle like shit, definitely not up to the european sportsedan standards. im in a bit of a similar situation. i've narrowed my choices down to '04 5spd 9-3 arc and '04 6spd tsx... test drove both, liked both... tsx has cool navi, 9-3 doesn't. 9-3's turbo'd, tsx isn't... this goes on forever.

i'd also appreciate your thoughts and opinions and help me decide.
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