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Hello All!! As you can tell from my signature, I am a Honda/Acura nut! I am currently driving a 2012 TSX SE. Just late joining the forum. The only mod i have done is adding a CarID Rear Spoiler with matching factory paint and changed all my bubs interior and license plate to LEDs. For giggles, my front driver and passenger LEDs are RED in color. Tinting (3M) is a requirement in FL. Sun is too darn hot!
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welcome. post some pictures
It's been raining here in FL. Have to wash and wax again! I will post what my 4 year old daughter calls it, Lightning (short for Lightning McQueen). I like to keep my cars close to stock as possible. I can give great advise on how to install the CarID rear spoiler. This was the first time I ever drilled into a new car, scarey, but well worth it!
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