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New Toy from AJ part 2

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hee hee.... thx AJPwr for the pedals (supposed to go on his car 1st)

here is a pic after it is installed.... just took it before i came to work. Will try to take better ones this weekend...

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btw hard to install???

oh sazabi
plz don't throw out the honda plastic packaging.
intresting... is there plastic wraping inside with the usual red white sticker on it?
no clue...

so this is a "kit" right...

so u paid 250 for it from aj or aj power?
emm honda access
SAZABI said:
yes, it is like a "kit". all 3 pieces in one box.
hmm... does it make a diff? AJ = AJPwr

actually it does....

i was quoted a diff price... let's just say it's diff amount than urs.
i think it would be easier for heel toe if i had one of those.
1 - 6 of 231 Posts
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