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New Toy from AJ part 2

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hee hee.... thx AJPwr for the pedals (supposed to go on his car 1st)

here is a pic after it is installed.... just took it before i came to work. Will try to take better ones this weekend...

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Zigen said:
didn't u have some other pedals before?
ZIGGY!!!!!!!!!! :woot:
Where have you been???
We thought you forgot about us!
SAZABI said:
Interupting other people's conversation is not that polite :laugh:
Hay Saz, I got something for you :nutkick: :jester:
Zigen said:
NO! I wouldn't forget about u guys... ;)
That's great to know :woot:
Please don't be a stranger ;)
Revenent said:
One of these days, I'll learn to drive a manual transmission car.
Are you serious Rev?

Joker - who taught WanTing to drive manual :thumbsup:
Zigen said:
Get yourself an old manual car for practice.
It's not that hard. Just find a nice (large) empty parking lot, and knock yourself out :thumbsup:
You can learn on a new car Rev! Seriously, it's not that hard!
SAZABI said:
I agree. the money u use to buy a used car is more than enough to replace ur clutch on a new car. With proper instructions, I bet u can operate one within a day, and be ok with it within a week. :)
WanTing learned in a day, and did no damage to the clutch ;)
But then again, she had a great teacher ;) :D
Zigen said:
I think she is just smart... :)
Yes, she is very smart.. and don't forget, she had a great teacher Ziggy! ;) :laugh:
SAZABI said:
also great pressure like "you damage my clutch, u die". :laugh:
It was her's to damage ;)
Your thinking way to hard on this... Seriously, stop thinking, and start doing ;)
The TSX would be a great car to learn on (very easy clutch to learn) :thumbsup:
Revenent said:
Mind if I head down there and learn on your car? :D
Be my guest :thumbsup:
Revenent said:
There's a flight arriving at LAX from SEA at 8:28 AM on Friday.

Can you pick me up?
Your more then welcome!

Joker - who will be at work when that flight comes in though
Revenent said:
Hmmmm - guess I'll have to find a Saturday flight. :)
That would work :nod:

Joker - who has weekends off
Revenent said:
Guess I'm part of the "We suck 'cause we can't drive MT" club too! :)
In the span of talking about it, you could have already learned ;)
Why would you have to hunt me down?

Joker - who already told you that you can use his car
SAZABI said:
+ the time look at hot wanting...
Can you handle that Rev? :naughty: :D
Revenent said:
Dude - going after the car is one thing.

Going after the GF?

Man, you really want me to die, don't you? :D
He said look, not touch ;)
Zigen said:
don't leave without filling the tank for joker... :)
And buy me dinner :D
1 - 20 of 231 Posts
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