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New TSX Guy from Puerto Rico.

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Hi I just bought a 2007 TSX white 30,400 miles. I just drove it home and will stay there until Monday that I put the insurance. I'm a Honda Fan, had a '98 Civic Turbo, '02 RSX and a '00 S2000 Turbo which I sold to buy the TSX. So far I'm real happy. Any advise more than welcome. And if there is any error, excuse me, Spanish is my first language!!!
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Thanks To everyone. Honestly as of today I have no plan, but the same thing I said with the S2000 and I end up with a 11 sec car. it have oem body kit, probably painting the wheels and a suspention for now... They popular but not in the aftermarket world.
I'm having problem sync the HOMELINK, I live in a building and my remote have 2 buttons, I sync the one to get in but for some reason I cannot sync the one to exit.
3 weeks ago I was in San José Bay for a day, I was in a training in California and in one of my days off I went the saw the Eurocup Final @ Blue Fins, and the next day I went to San Fransisco, I loved San Jose Bay area.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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