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New TSX Guy from Puerto Rico.

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Hi I just bought a 2007 TSX white 30,400 miles. I just drove it home and will stay there until Monday that I put the insurance. I'm a Honda Fan, had a '98 Civic Turbo, '02 RSX and a '00 S2000 Turbo which I sold to buy the TSX. So far I'm real happy. Any advise more than welcome. And if there is any error, excuse me, Spanish is my first language!!!
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Spanish is your first language, but your English is pretty good!

My good friend grew up in PR near Bayamon. He still has relatives down there.
I'm having problem sync the HOMELINK, I live in a building and my remote have 2 buttons, I sync the one to get in but for some reason I cannot sync the one to exit.
I had trouble with Homelink too. Check to see if your garage door opener has a "rolling" code (used for security purposes). I would look online using the opener's model number for more detailed instructions.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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