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Hey everyone. I have been browsing around the forums here for awhile now looking for a TSX (among other places as well) and I finally found one that I would be proud to take home to Mama. 2007 , PWP, black interior, navigation and only 38K miles! White seems to be a theme for me since my truck and my other build are both white too!:laugh: I was actually looking for a a blue one and I missed my chance at one by about 30 minutes!

My Accord just recently drove it's last mile and my wife and I have been looking to get into a TSX for awhile now so what better time right? Honda's have been a way of life for me since the mid 90's and I have had a few nice builds through the years. I am currently working on a 2000 Prelude SH. It has a 2007 TL-S motor swap (J35A8) with a 6 speed trans with LSD. Right now the car is at Innovative, they are building a mount kit for it along with a traction bar and then they will be offering them to everyone. I can't wait for my baby to come home!

Anyways I have been checking out everyone's builds trying to steal ideas for what I want to do with mine and you guys have been a great help to me without even knowing it and I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has contributed to the forum!:)

Hope to talk to everyone on the boards soon.


Here are a few shots of my Prelude's for your viewing pleasure:laugh:

Taking my Prelude to Innovative

Mugen valences and air spoiler, also have the rest to complete the full kit

Money shot, both of these are mine but the black one has been stripped completely and parted out and the motor is now being fitted at Innovative into the white one.


And a real good look at the motor

And my baby by herself

Anyways guys thanks for taking a look.

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