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New TSX owner with some ???s

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I just got a TSX on Monday. Upgraded from a Honda Civic and all I have to say is WOW lol. Anyways...I have a couple of questions for anyone on the board who can answer them for me please.

1) I have a two 10s I want to put in my trunk, but when I went to the guy that put them in my old car, he wanted to charge me $130 to put it in, which I thought was a ripoff. Can someone please let me know exactly what I need to buy in order to install it myself. I have a friend of mine that can install it, but Im just figuring out what exactly I need to get.

2) I got the TSX w/out the navi system. I see a few of them on EBAY for a decent price. Does anyone suggest not going the EBAY route? I was really interested in getting one from EBAY and installing it, so I was just looking for some positives/negatives from doing so.

So far I love the car and cant believe in the difference I feel in power and quality. I just hope I have better luck with this car because my 01 Civic really gave me nothing but problems. Thanks for any info posted.
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Congrats on the car. Don't know about the first thing, but about the Nav: Are you talking about the actual TSX Nav? If so, I'm surprised it's being sold on eBay, or anywhere, because from anything we've seen, it's totally prohibitive to put it in. People have asked about it many times, and AFAIK nobody yet has done it, because the installation would be extremely expensive and hard as hell, if at all possible. Figure like $4000 or more.

If you're talking about some other kind of GPS thing to put in the car, I understand there are different kinds, and some people like them, but of course those things aren't like having the OEM Nav.
pb1300 said:
Acura Factory Navi

That is the link to the Navigation system, let me know what ya'll think.
I don't know, but as I said before, I would have thought the installation would be EXTREMELY difficult, and expensive.

And even if it's not, I promise you that at least it ain't easy and cheap.

For one thing, remember that the TSX Nav has one of the controls on the steering wheel. That would be hell to accomplish.

But even let's forget that part of it, because you could do without the steering wheel control.....if you find out that the installation (and not only installing it but having it actually work) is really feasible, a lot of other people are going to be interested in what you can say.

Do make sure to look into it seriously and make sure you get some good answers before you buy anything. I doubt you'll be able to do that in the next 3 and a half days, so probably forget about that particular one. But I noticed there was another one on eBay too, which probably means others will be coming up too. Don't rush into buying it; find out first.

P.S. If you don't get definite answers online, you might try asking at an Acura service place.
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pb1300 said:
.....I have read in other places that it isnt that bad to install....
Where the #%&@ did you read that?

I don't know nothing about nothing, but I do know that's not true.
pb1300 said:
I wasnt thinking of that at all. I just noticed it on ebay a couple of days ago, and I was interested to know if thats a wrong way to go. And does it matter that since I have only had the car "a few days," I cant make a mod to my car, not like Im going to do it personally.
All he means is he wonders why you didn't get a TSX with Nav if you were so interested in the Nav. Like he said, people who ask about putting it in are usually people who weren't interested at the time they got the car, but over the course of time, realized it would be great to have.
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