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New TSX owner with some ???s

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I just got a TSX on Monday. Upgraded from a Honda Civic and all I have to say is WOW lol. Anyways...I have a couple of questions for anyone on the board who can answer them for me please.

1) I have a two 10s I want to put in my trunk, but when I went to the guy that put them in my old car, he wanted to charge me $130 to put it in, which I thought was a ripoff. Can someone please let me know exactly what I need to buy in order to install it myself. I have a friend of mine that can install it, but Im just figuring out what exactly I need to get.

2) I got the TSX w/out the navi system. I see a few of them on EBAY for a decent price. Does anyone suggest not going the EBAY route? I was really interested in getting one from EBAY and installing it, so I was just looking for some positives/negatives from doing so.

So far I love the car and cant believe in the difference I feel in power and quality. I just hope I have better luck with this car because my 01 Civic really gave me nothing but problems. Thanks for any info posted.
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larchmont said:
Where the #%&@ did you read that?

I don't know nothing about nothing, but I do know that's not true.
pb1300 congrats on the new TSX.

Basically like Larchmont said you can forget about it.

What I don't understand is that you JUST got the car few days ago and you are already talking about THIS SUPER-COMPLEX "MOD" which is usually brought up by people who had the car for at least a few months. (he/she been regretting not getting the nav)

So sound like to me this is what you had in mind all along:
Get TSX w/o Nav --> next get one from eBay/somewhere ---> spent some $$ to get it installed ---> save $.

How much $ do you think you're saving ?????
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