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after a few long years....finally got out of the Accord and got my the power. love the looks. and most of the 6spd gearbox. haha. looking to mod as soon as i can. might be buy some lowering springs and an intake next week. not sure yet. wife's bday comes 1st.

i know for sure next week ill be ordering a shift knob and new boot. suspension is a maybe. not gonna go too crazy with this one. every other car i was working on it on my days off trying to be fast. lol. this one. i want a clean look.

-new painted front bumper and front lip
-OEM for lights
-mesh style grille
-lowering springs
-17x8s or some spacers to sit the stock 17s out a little further
-new headlights
-6000k bulbs

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Nice pickup!

I would recommend 18.9 for the wheels instead of 17x?

18 fills out the cars wheel well better than a 17" wheel can. I'm slammed on 17" RPF1's but really think it would look much cleaner on a nice set of 18" wheels.

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