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New York Auto Show

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It's at the Javits Center in Manhattan, 11th Ave & 34th-39th Streets.
Anybody thinking of going?

I'm sure I'll be dropping over some time. Don't expect pics from me -- I'm still in the 19th century tech-wise. And, like I keep telling y'all, I don't know anything about cars either, so don't expect me to be saying anything about cars either.

But anything else you want to know, all you have to do is ask. :D
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briny319 said:
I'll be there some time next week. Larch why did u leave the other tsx site?.....
Hey, briny! Great to see you back here. I noticed on some old threads that you used to be here, and I was hoping you'd get back.

Thanks for wondering about what happened. The story is described here in some detail, mostly on these two threads:

The first post on the latter thread was my first post here, and was the reason I originally came here. It was because Soopa wasn't allowing it to be posted over there.

Some of their mods were coming here for a while to continue the "discussion." They later deleted most of their posts but some of the posts do remain. If you're curious about that stuff, you can search for the posts by Provench, Domn, and FDL. Schalliol also comes here, but not at all with regard to those conflicts, just as a member of this site -- and that's just great.

Hope you'll keep visiting as well. And -- looking forward to comparing notes about the show.
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rzee said:
Not only had Larch been banned from there, this site too. :D.....

But I like your stuff even when I don't get it, RZ.

Sorry you won't be making it to the show. I'm sure I woulda been able to pick you out of the crowd. :D
rzee said:
Dude, I've always known that you had alzheimer's, but now I think you have gone far and beyond! :D

This word tsxclub had been banned from the other site.

BTW, did Honda bring their HSC concept to the show?
About the HSC concept: I'll check it out -- if I can remember. :D :D :D :D

But I would think probably not -- it's old news by now! They were showing it last year, right?

About the other stuff: I just misunderstood your grammar!
It looked like you were joking about ME being banned from THIS SITE!

I know that "tsxclub" is sort of "banned" over there. Pretty silly.
I can't understand that they're so terrified that people will discover this site -- there's no reason for them to be, and it just makes them look [fill in any adjective]. And, as I keep saying, it will work for only so long -- and it'll just make them look pathetic for their silly effort. But I guess they're calculating that it's worth it. :donno:
I went this afternoon. And, would you believe, I actually took pics -- got a couple of disposable cameras and figured let's see what happens. Well, what happened was they're the worst pics you can imagine. Really -- they suck totally. I'm so embarrassed. :rolleyes:
Maybe some of them will turn out to be worth putting on here. I'll see what I can do.

Good stuff, large crowd but not a crush, everybody friendly and in a good mood like I guess they usually are at car shows, and maybe the widest range of people I've ever seen anywhere at anything -- ages, genders, ethnicities, apparent economic levels -- everything and everybody.

The Honda and Acura exhibits (which were adjacent) attracted a good amount of people and they seemed to really like what they saw, although the area wasn't quite as active as some others. For example, Mini was hopping a bit more. But it's not like Honda and Acura were hurting. The Porsches, for example, were attracting a little less attention, and the Maybach was getting a lot less attention. :donno:

The new RL was featured prominently -- the prototype was up on one of those elevated rotating platforms. But people seemed much more interested in the other Acuras -- especially the TL and the TSX, and to some extent the NSX too. I was surprised that the RL wasn't more mobbed, but on second thought I wasn't. I never cared a hoot about the RL, until I saw the hype lately about the new RL -- and then I got curious about it too, although in truth it's nowhere close to a car that I'd be interested in. Also, you couldn't go right up to it or get in it. Anyway, the new RL does have some very interesting technology in it, and I think if more people knew about that they would have been more interested in the car. IMO Acura made a mistake in this exhibit by having a couple of current RL's displayed -- if you didn't go looking for the new RL, you could easily have thought those current RL's were the only RL's there.

About the NSX not getting more attention, maybe that was just an aberration of the time while I was there (in fact everything I saw could have been an aberration), maybe part of it was that the car seemed to be "debadged" -- you couldn't tell what it was unless you just knew, or if you took the trouble to look at the sticker. Still, it's a sharp car, and you hardly ever see one. I would have expected it to get a lot more attention.

They had the Scions there, including the tC which unfortunately you couldn't go into either. It looked nice, but maybe a little less impressive than what you'd expect from prior pics -- smaller and less substantial. (We've had a couple of those pics on this site.)

One of the most interesting designs, I thought, was the Chevy Nomad. Some of my pics of the car came out not too bad, but until I get something done with those, how about this:

BTW if you go, be sure to have lots of $$$$ for parking.
Would you believe $45?
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