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Newbie? Need help on Deal, Accessories

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I have been lurking on this forum for about a month now and am really looking forward to getting my TSX. I negotiated what I thought was a pretty good deal, $29,197 plus TTL for the car including the following accessories installed:

Gold Emblem kit
Fog Lights
Rear Wing Spoiler
Wheel Locks
Gold Caps
17" SF Hi-Polish Wheels
All-Season Mats
Trunk Tray
Metal Look Trim
Cargo Net

I put down a deposit on an '05 ABP w/Nav. 5 AT on 1/29/05 and my dealer claims that he is "actively" seeking to locate the car. He claims that these vehicles are available in the US and I just need to be patient unless I want them to "fly to Japan and build it for me themselves"! Well, that is fine with me, I just want to know how long I have to wait.

Anyway, sorry for the long preamble, now to my questions:

1. Seem like a good deal?
2. What is the availability of these vehicles in US in my desired configuration? My second choice would be CG, should I wait for ABP?
3. It is my understanding that these cars in ABP are not due for production in Japan until Mid-Late February, this would make delivery due in March. Is this accurate?
5. Is it unreasonable for me to ask the dealer to place the order with Japan now rather than continue efforts to source domestically?
6. Regarding the accessory list above, what do you think of the Gold Emblem Kit and Gold Caps on the wheels? I think the Gold Emblem Kit will look good on ABP, but an uncertain on the wheel accents. Don't want the car to look bad because of unattractive accessories.

I greatly appreciate any feedback on this and hope to put this issue to bed shortly. Although I really want the TSX, I don't want to wait forever for delivery. Therefore, I am considering looking at the Mazda 6s HB or Sedan as an alternative. I have read much on this comparison, but any additional insight would be welcome.

Thanks, I love the site! :confused:
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Thanks for the quick reply TSX geek. Dealer originally offered $27,990 for car and I calculated market value based on internet-pricing of installed accessories shown at about $2,500, this would have made it $30,490 with MSRP at $32,267 and invoice at $29,139. Not a good deal huh?

I did try to shop this same deal with another dealer in the MD area (one I actually had some pull with because I know a GM from another mfr. who put in the good word for me), but they said for the car w/Nav and the installed accessories they could not touch that deal.

It was my understanding that these cars were selling for close to MSRP, so getting it around invoice with all of the accessories seemed acceptable. Keep in mind that one of the accessories is upgraded wheels at about $900 and spoiler and fog lights (a necessity where I live in the boondocks) are each around $400.

As far as the OEM bodykit, I am not certain at this point whether or not I want to make that type of modification since it would affect the ground clearance.

The information on production by "color" has come from two separate dealers and I believe I read it here on this forum somewhere, but can't recall where.

Don't like the gold emblems, huh, too much bling, maybe I can do without if this is the general opinion of this board.

Thanks again and I look forward to your response.
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Thanks, then the price overall is OK you would just think it is better value with bodykit. How much does the OEM kit go for? I could not find it as an available accessory with Acura, just as separate pieces, which is probably not the best way to get it.

Any information as to why "peeps" are regretting getting the wing spoiler? Does it adversely affect performance?

Any opinions on the Mazda 6 vs. TSX (I know there is probably another thread devoted to this, but just want your and others opinion).

Thanks. :thumbsup:

Thanks for all of the advice. I guess I will just to have to learn patience and wait for the cars to come in since I did test drive the TSX and it was a wonderful experience! I did not know that you could go 90+ on the highway and it would only feel like you were doing 40. Simply thrilling.

The interior of the TSX is also superior and, of course, the 6 does not offer Nav, which I think will be a great toy for my wife and I to use when we take day trips. It should also keep us from getting lost or having to ask the locals for directions. Something most men hate!
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