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n/p are you quitting on cars for good or are you picking up something crazy like an nsx or something? =D
I dunno, some times I want to keep the dd and buy something like an s2k and s/c it (for example), other times I feel like getting a nice luxury suv.

Time will tell. I do miss the tsx :(. sucks not being able to shift gears.

I'll make a meet thread, figure I'll invite jeff and other ex tsx owners lol.

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lets get this meet going. How about next wed or thursday night? We can get this going either at x-hooters in fresh meadows or maybe at db (dave and busters)? Either way, I want to see other tsx'ers. I've seen a few clean ones 1st and 2nd gens all over and I'm sure one of them is in our community. Any of the turbo guys who are building, done yet? I've gone through different directions with my build... I'm still waiting for my builder to finish up his other customers cars. He tells me my fully built motor will go in and turbo build will happen during fall time so... I can wait alittle more as N/A =) so yea lets get this meet going week wed or thursday night.... whos down

btw, Anyone good with flashpro? I need a retune because my current tune isn't clean.
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