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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that it has launched an investigation involving the Honda Accord Hybrid over unintended acceleration claims.

The NHTSA announced on Monday that it has launched a preliminary investigation covering the Honda Accord Hybrid after receiving a complaint linked to a fatal crash. The crash occurred in 2005, but the NHTSA failed to explain the 5 year latency period.

According to the complaint, the 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid involved in the accident lost control after hitting rumble strips on the side of a highway. The driver applied the vehicle’s brakes, but the vehicle reportedly accelerated out of control. As a result, the vehicle crossed into oncoming traffic, killing the vehicle’s passenger and seriously injuring the driver and the occupants of the other vehicle.

The driver has since discovered 22 other complaints in the NHTSA database similar to her accident, all involving Honda Accord Hybrids or Honda Civic Hybrids. The 22 other complaints cited poor brake performance on rough surfaces.

Although no formal investigation has been launched, it sounds as if one is forthcoming. Both Toyota and Ford were forced to fix some of their hybrid vehicles after receiving similar complaints about braking over rough surfaces.

If a recall is launched, it would likely cover 16,826 Honda Accord Hybrids and 25,864 Honda Civic Hybrids.
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