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Finally added nitrous in my 2nd gen TSX earlier this year. Any questions/concerns let me know. I am not an expert, just a hardcore computer nut and car enthusiast. I wanted to make a short post for anyone looking into slapping some go fast juice in their car. I am specifically talking about 35-50 hp shot. You could do more but doing serious work on your engine would be recommended if not absolutely necessary. Fuel...I use 93 octane cause we don't want detonation. As always if you have any doubts please consult with your mechanic, professional tune shop or directly call Nitrous Express because they are super friendly and helpful.

1. Is it safe? Sure, when used correctly and having it jetted for 35 or 50 hp shot.

2. Is it fun? You bet your sweet @ss it is.

3. Hard to install? If you have experience installing subwoofers/audio equipment then not really. Hardest parts are going through the firewall (for the arming & momentary switches) tapping the fuel rail which actually is quite easy with a fuel line adapter that fits 3/8" fuel rail.

4. What shot am I running? Jetted for 50 hp

5. Brand? Nitrous Express Proton Series Nitrous System W/ 10Lb Bottle

6. Tune? Done via Hondata FlashPro

7. Spark Plugs (NGK Spark Plugs LKR8A) was personally advised to me by:
Lela Martin
Technical Support – Aftermarket Division
NGK Spark Plugs (U.S.A.), Inc.
(877) 473-6767 option 2
***Summit Racing has them for approx. $7.99 a plug and they are ONE step colder than the ones you would normally buy for it.

8. Tools: Basic tools (socket set, wire cutter/stripper, extra electrical wire, thread sealer provided by Nitrous Express, approx 3-6 hours of your time depending on personal skills)

9. Cost? Approx $720 for nitrous equipment and $695 for Hondata FlashPro NOTE: B,C,D,G are NOT required but they are highly recommended!

a. Nitrous Express (Proton Series Nitrous System W/ 10Lb Bottle) $445.51

b. Nitrous Express (N2O Flo-Thru Pressure Gauge (0-1500 PSI) 4An) $60.77

c. Nitrous Express (Maximizer Ez Progressive Nitrous Controller) $131.58 This allows the nitrous to start at 20% power and then go to 100% power over a set amount of time that you decide (0.5 seconds to 5 seconds)

d. Jegs Micro Switch with Cord Fingertip-Sized Button ($35.99) They do send a button with the kit but it is kind of cheap. The Jegs one is corded and needs a good push to activate. This is purely a personally choice but I'd recommend a different momentary button than the one they ship (Nitrous Express button that is)

e. Filling up a 10lb bottle around NY is $65. It will last #10 10 second runs. Approx 1 min and 40 seconds of fun can be had per 10 lb bottle on a 50 shot.

Black Anodized Aluminum - (3) 1/8" NPT Ports w/ Adapters & Plugs, -4 AN Fuel Port
Part # 17002NOS

g. Hondata FlashPro TSX 2007-2014 ($695.00) Worth it 120%!!!!! I loved this before I even added nitrous.
Brand: Hondata, Inc.
Product Code: FP-TSX-US
Availability: In Stock

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I noticed when people bump up the power on the Z3's that there's a noticeable increase in oil consumption. Have you noticed anything? Looking to add FlashPro to my '09 in the spring but I don't want to suddenly be burning a crapload of oil.
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