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No audio controls with Navi?

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Is there no pause or stop button for the cd player if you have the nav...or am i just blind, I dont think they would overlook something like that would they??
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As I just said on that other thread, we were talking about the "pause" thing the other day:

But I see that your question is a little different: You're asking how it is with Nav.

I have Nav too, but I just don't know or don't remember!
I imagine you know about the "audio" button and screen? I'm pretty sure there's no "pause," but I just don't remember about "stop." In fact, come to think of it, I'm totally unconscious of how I do stuff when I'm listening to CD's. :donno:
That's right.

But if you think that's weird......I got this neat retro stereo thing for my house......looks like an old radio, nice wood and everything, and it has CD, radio, turntable, and cassette player, all in one.

But the cassette player has no "rewind." :rofl:
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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