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North West Region Chat Thread

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I was thinking we could have a local chat thread were we can talk about what ever we want besides sightings other cars.

Just thought I would give it a try :)
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Lynnwood is a pretty decent drive away from Kent. Acura of Bellevue on Northup Way is smaller but provides better CS compared to AOS in my opinion.
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The beard guy in parts at AOS hooked me up today! Well, not really. I get discount there anyway because I work for Iden's, but he was super chill.
Soooo obert how did you like the ZDX loaner? Did they give you a full tank of gas before handing you the keys?
If you are up for it, I would very much like to encourage you to make the drive to Bellevue.
Stopped in at AOS to buy a starter only to find out that parts was closed today. But I did see some very nice looking 06-08 CGP on the lot that one of the salesmen was trying to get me to trade my car in for.
I believe that. Sales and service barely interact, it's something that should happen though. Even at Lexus of Bellevue where I work, the service advisors don't talk with sales or porters, or so it seems.
1 - 7 of 27 Posts
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