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Hi Everyone,
The time has come for the fiance to part with her trusty TSX. She bought it almost 2 years ago as her second car, a present to herself for getting her first real job.

We took it on some trips to Pennsylvania (Troegs, Hershey park) and to upstate NY a few times, but then we also got ourselves a BMW 335d:

So for the last 12 months or so, the car has mostly been used to drive to the commuter lot and back. My plans for the car were to make it pretty and take it out to the track every once in a while, but I found that my Prelude was more than good enough for that.

So now, with us closing on a new house next week, we have to say goodbye to our lovely TSX.

I like to keep my cars in great running order, so when we first got the car, we flushed all the fluids, got fresh fluids all around, and most recently performed the following:

New battery (2 weeks ago)
New Starter (2 weeks ago)
Fresh engine oil (1500 miles ago)
New brake pads
New rotors
New chassis bushings
New header (OEM)
New bluetooth integration module Honda Acura 03+ USB Android iPod Bluetooth AUX adapter

The car does have a few door dings and some scratches from being a daily driver (precious owner) for the last 10 years, but those things can be buffed out and/or repainted ( I was quoted 350 dollars). The car has been very reliable, and it gets us between 25-30 MPG, depending on how we drive it. The clutch is in great shape and the transmission shifts perfectly. We have not been in an accident with it, and the Autocheck shows up clean:

Here are some pics:

Here is a video "review" I made with it:

I'm asking 7600 for it, OBO. I am willing to drive it out a couple of hours from NYC, just let me know.

Please contact me through PM here, or email me at eespinal @ gmail DOT com, or text me at 845 664 5942

Here is the VIN:

The Autocheck:

I will happily send the full autocheck report to any interested buyer.

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