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NZDM Accord Euro CL9

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Very nice! I like the all black theme. What are the specs on wheels, tires and suspension?
looks good. Could go a lil lower tho :)
Yeah a little lower and it would be money.
Love the set up! Sick!
nice wheels..
I have always wondered how those wheels would look. Lookin' good, but like the others I say "dump that Sheit!!"
What wheels are they? They kinda look like Gram Lights.
lookin good man, love'n the unique cf hood.
2005 CL9 Accord Euro Sport 6 Speed Manual Night Hawk Black

Mod List
CT Engineering Icebox
BuddyClub Racing Spec Condenser
Weapon R Racing headers + test pipe
2.5" Duel Titanium Exhaust
Wolf Wheels s36 18 x 8.5 +40 on Toyo T1R
Ingalls rear camber arms
Tein Springs
Pioneer Amp + 6 by 9s
Factory sport bodykit + spoiler
Carbon fibre grill
RR style Carbon fibre bonnet
Fake Recaro head rest :)

thanks for all the comments guys. I know going lower will give a more aggressive look but the current height will guarantee no scrapping the bottom. As i just bought the tein springs a while ago i think i will stick to it this year but already planning to save up for either new adjustables or get some yellow koni because the current set up is way too bouncy for my liking. I am not sure why others say tein springs give very close to stock ride but i am not feeling it.
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Nice pictures, you have the USDM A-Spec kit over the Euro R kit?!
damn i miss NZ. Are you in Auckland?
Nice pictures, you have the USDM A-Spec kit over the Euro R kit?!
car would have come with that kit from new.

In New Zealand, the kit is included in the "SPORT" variant
Yes to Auckland and Yes to hamburglar
looks very nice
wheels look like axis halo
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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